Day of Reckoning – My review

First of all I’d like to thank Michelle for offering to let me read her second book in what is a compelling series so far.

Here we are, following Gabby and Dawn as they carry on with their roles in the rebellion and my were there things I wasn’t expecting! That’s what I love about this book you really can’t predict what’s going to happen as new twists are coming in every step of the way.

As with the first instalment I went through a phase where I list interest in the book, it’s not enough to give a compelling opening chapter you need to hold the reader’s interest every step of the way and unfortunately that wasn’t completely there.

Gabby and Dawn really get to develop more as character’s in Day of Reckoning and we get to see their differences in much more depth. With most stories you expect the families to get on perfectly well, or at least to make up immediately after any conflict but that didn’t happen here, they both had two different views and they both stuck to them. This created a build up of suspense and tension that was there right up until the end.

I did find it a little confusing with all the characters, there were a few I knew; Officer Mills, Jonathon (the psycho) and Drew but when it came to those other secondary characters I got a bit lost unfortunately.

Overall this book is still well worth the time it will take you to read it so really give it a try, and it’s such a great interpretation on a dystopian society and the people in it. Though there’s war and rebellion it’s not overly gory and it doesn’t exclude everything either. There’s enough happening throughout the book to keep you interested but at times you may need to persevere a little. 4 STARS.


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