Some facts about Books.

Here are some interesting facts about books you might not have known!

  1. Over 20,000 books have been written about the game Chess.
  2. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo has one sentence that is 823 words long. When Victor wrote to his editor inquiring about their opinion of the manuscript, he wrote, “?” And they answered, “!”
  3. In America 57 books are bought each second.
  4. It took Noah Webster 36 years to write his first dictionary.
  5. If you read, the chances of you getting Alzheimer’s Syndrome decreases two and a half times!
  6. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about death and all other things dark and macabre. His life itself is a pretty dark story. But his themes and his life are not the most creepy details about Mr. Poe. He wrote a short story in 1838, titled “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.” In the story, three shipwreck survivors in an open boat kill and eat the fourth man, named Richard Parker. In 1884, (almost 50 years LATER) three real-life shipwreck survivors in an open boat killed and ate the fourth man, whose name was also Richard Parker. Weird coincidence. 
  7. Shakespeare makes Lear, whose character was an early Anglo-Saxon King, mention spectacles. In Macbeth, who dies in 1054, and when writing of King John’s reign in 1200, Shakespeare mentions cannons. A clock strikes three in Julius Caesar. What’s wrong with these things? Spectacles, cannons and clocks were not invented until the fourteenth century, long after the times in which he set these tales. The lesson for you here: Research IS necessary.

So there’s your facts, I hope you all read at least one thing mildly interesting. 🙂



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