Reading Sprints

Now on GR I’m a member in quite a few groups and a lot of these do ‘sprints’. For those of you who might not know what a reading sprint it: It’s almost like a race, two or more people will decide what time and for how long they’ll do this sprint. At the end they’ll say how many pages they’ve read in that time or how far through the book they’ve got. People can do it as a competition or just for fun.

Personally, I quite like reading sprints but do they actually speed up our reading? At the end of a twenty minute sprint I’ll think wow I’ve read 26 pages! Or something like that, but do I read that much anyway. One of the things I do find with reading sprints is I don’t remember as much of what I’ve read, it feels more like I’m rush reading.

Another thing I always notice is how much of the day will pass. For example: I was doing a sprint with a few fellow readers, I started the first sprint at around 11am and did 20 minute sprints, then another, and then we did another etc. By the time I stopped it was 9pm! Yes 9pm, the whole day had gone.

But anyway, why don’t you get a fellow reader to do a sprint with you? It’s perfect if you have a short deadline and a big pile to read!


2 thoughts on “Reading Sprints

  1. There’s loads of sprints, challenges, and other natty little games on Goodreads these days. It’s quite impressive how creative bookies can get with their favourite hobby.

    I know what you mean about not really absorbing a book if you read it too fast. Skimreading is something that sometimes gets me into trouble at work, ‘cos I go to the wrong meeting room after only giving an email a cursory glance… but meetings are boring anyway so I’m not going to change my habits.

    If I may offer a tiny bit of advice about your blog… your reviews on Goodreads are well-written and informative, which is good, but I’d recommend posting them on your blog as well as on Goodreads. That way the people who come to your blog for a review can comment and discuss it without having to click on another link – the more links that people have to click on, the less likely they are to read it.

    • Thanks for the insight Michael! I’ll think about posting the reviews on here as well though I’ll probably shorten the reviews to go on here.
      Must be more awkward than anything if you’re going to the wrong places, but I do that too from failing to listen or failing to read something properly, haha.

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