My review policy

Please read the whole thing, contact info at the end!

Well I’ve been told I should have a review policy so here it is(It’s not as long as it might look):
I do accept review copies of books, and when I’m making a review I’ll note that I was given a review copy. The reviews get posted on Goodreads and maybe Barnes&Nobles. After I read the book if it was an E-copy/PDF (like most are!) then I might just keep them on my laptop but I’ll probably delete them and try to buy the real paperback/hardcover copy.
I don’t ever give the copies to other people. Unless of course the author wants me to, the authors have put a lot of work into writing books and I respect that so I’m not going to go and give out free copies.
I’ve seen some people that charge for their reviews, well currently I’m not charging, to me the book itself is payment enough just to be able to read so many different books for free from the comfort of my computer.

What format do I like?
If it’s an electronic version then, I prefer PDF’s just because to me it’s easier to read and access. Yes I will accept print copies if you’re using them but if not than refer back to the electronic versions.
What genres do I like?
I like a lot of different genres dystopia, romance, erotica, YA. If you’re book is horror then sorry but I won’t read it, I just DON’T DO HORROR! Apart from that everything else I’m open minded to, so it depends on the book itself not the genre it’s under, and if I think I’ll enjoy it!
Like I said earlier I will post the review on Goodreads and there’ll be a link to that or a separate review on here. The time it will take for me to read and review the book will vary, depending on homework, books I’m reading and other commitments but on average I’d say 2-3 weeks since I seem to always have a few books from authors waiting to be read (I seem popular at the moment for a change!)

Contact information.
Now, if you’re still interested in sending me your book then here’s my email
If you send me an email please state you’d like me to review your book otherwise I might delete the email because I don’t know you! Please include a description of the book so I know what I will be reading…
I’m not going to include my phone number or address since I can give that to you via email if I think it’s required.

If you’re one of the people who managed to read that all, well done! I know I would have stopped halfway, bye everyone!


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